Crawler Bulldozer for Road Constructions work

2 min readJun 29, 2018


Bulldozer is a very powerful heavy earth moving machinery that is equipped with a heavy metal blade in front. Crawler dozers are powerful tracked machines that use mounted blades to move material. Bulldozers are large and extremely powerful tracked Equipment for its purpose of moving or shifting of large amounts of earth, soil, debris or stones. Bulldozers are sometimes used in conjunction with backhoes and other digging machines.

While the basic structure of the Dozer includes its body and front blade, varied attachments such as ripper, tracked chains, winch etc diversifies its usage and demands in different fields of construction and mining. It comes with ripper attachment which is used for digging. Rippers have claw like structure which is attached at the end of bulldozer for digging soil etc. and are classified as single shank ripper and three shank rippers.

Bulldozer width blades can vary from 9–14 feet and the height of protective cabs can vary from 8–12 feet. The power of the engine varies from 40 hp to 400hp. Common bulldozers have 100–200 hp.

The most widely recognized use of a bulldozer is moving a lot of earth and soil. Bulldozers are once in a while used in conjunction with excavators and other burrowing machines. Bulldozers also used for Large development ventures require broad fundamental site work. Diverse Dozer utilize distinctive kinds of cutting edges and relying on the sort of edge utilized, bulldozers are utilized at various building locales.

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